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Perhaps you have never been to church before…

Or maybe you are in church now but longing for a greater sense of community and belonging…

You may have grown up in church and walked away because of hurt or doubt…

No matter where you are on your journey- there is a place for you here at Damascus Road Church.


Damascus Road Church, or DRC as we call often call it, is a brand-new church on the west side of Springfield, MO. Where we are  striving to do church differently in order to make a difference in the lives of people, families, and our community. 

We would love for you to join us in person or online Sundays at 11:00 AM!

Join us for our Current series: 

WOW! There are some cool new series happening at DRC! For August we’re in the middle of a series called “The Storyteller”. It’s all about the stories that Jesus told and what they really mean. Even if you know the stories…do you really know the stories?

Then in September (you don’t want to miss this one!) it’s “Confessions of A Church Pastor”! If you’ve always wondered what those preachers were really like or always thought they were no better than you…come get the real-deal information, and see what your preacher is up to!??

And finally in October we’re going to be talking about Fake News…not the CNN or Fox version, but the fake news that the world offers us. How do we get to the truth? Is there any real truth at all? What dis Jesus say about it, and why that matters.



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