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I was thinking this morning as I tried to get my coffee maker to work correctly, isn’t it funny how small changes in the way we do things or the way we look at things can be so challenging? A few e-mail problems, a
coffee maker that doesn’t work, and our day just doesn’t feel “right”. I have to admit I’m used to things being a certain way. It’s kind of like walking
into church and finding that some stranger was sitting in your pew in your spot! Outrageous! You almost feel like asking them to move (please don’t!)

But here’s the thing. Once you move you find that you (literally) gain a whole new perspective on  things. And that is wonderful! I believe God puts strangers in our way sometimes to advance His work and His Kingdom and to give us new perspective.
Look at some of our most famous Biblical heroes and heroines:
Moses – from a son of Pharaoh to living in a tent in the desert.
Noah – from…what did Noah do for a living anyway? To building a big
boat in the front yard!!
Esther – from beautiful nobody, to queen and savior of her people.
Peter – from a simple fisherman worried about the number of catfish (I’m not really sure if there were/are catfish in the Sea of Galilee, but it seemed like a tasty choice!) he was going to catch, to following and ministering with the Son of God.
Paul – from persecutor of all things Christian, to a soldier of our faith!

All huge changes in perspective. They saw the world in a new way.
Thank God that He allows us to do the same thing from time to time. We need to be “shaken up” to see and understand new things and new ways of thinking (like starting a new church!). And God will use those changes to do great things in our lives and the lives of those around us. So this week, do something different. It’ll shake things up! Maybe even start a chain reaction that will lead to new perspective for you or even your entire church. Or maybe it will lead you to see new ways that God is calling you to His service. Either way it’ll be an adventure!

Lord thank you for the tried and true in our lives. Those rock steady things that we can depend on to always be the same. But we also come giving thanks for change, for new perspective. Help us to see when You move us Father. Help us to see when You use change to increase Your Kingdom. We pray that You will allow us to be a part of that growth. Be with us this day. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a great day!

So… I was thinking
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