Are you planning an upcoming visit to DRC? If so, we are so excited to meet you and get a chance to get to know you! 


Here are a few things to expect when you come to worship with us for the first time: 


-There is first time guest parking right up front so you will not have to search for a parking spot, we have several saved just for you!

-You will be greeted at the door by someone who is happy to be at DRC that morning and will be happy to get to welcome you.

-There is a welcome table in the corner of our lobby. Stop by there and say hi to whoever is working that table. If you will fill out a guest information card, we will will have a small gift for you as a thank you for coming to spend your Sunday morning with us.

-We have a coffee bar in the lobby where you can make yourself some coffee or tea. There are water bottles, snacks, and candy there, so feel free to help yourself.

-When you enter the worship center, you most likely will not make it to your seat without at least a few people coming up and introducing themselves to you. What can we say- we are a friendly group that loves meeting new people!

-When the service starts you will notice that we have kids of all ages in the first part of the service with us. This is what we call family-style worship because we believe it is important for families to worship together.

-Our music is eclectic here at DRC. You may hear new worship songs, old favorites, hymns, some redone rock and roll hits, country, or original songs. We believe it’s not the worship style that God honors, but the heart of the one who worships.

-The younger kids will leave the service and go to our Kids’ area during the teaching part of the message; however, older kids normally stay in the service.

-We will have announcements at the end of the service that will give you a great idea about things that are coming up and ways to get connected here at DRC.


We look forward to seeing you Sunday at 11:00 AM!

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