S0…I was thinking….

I don’t know how many of you listen to contemporary Christian radio, but there is a song that was popular a while back that really speaks to our walk. It’s called “Smile”, by Chris Rice.

In the song, the singer is asking God “where are you now?”. He talks about staying the course and keeping the faith even though he can’t “feel” God’s presence all the time. The title of the song comes from the chorus:
“Because I just want to be with You, just want this waiting to be over,  I just want to be with You, and it helps to know the day is getting closer. But every minute takes and hour, every inch seems like a mile, until I won’t have to imagine, and I finally get to see You smile”

I don’t know about you, but I can really identify with Chris on this one! Like the Apostle Paul said, “We long for that new country”. We just want to be with Jesus.

Not long ago I expressed this feeling to a friend who became concerned that I wanted to check out of this life sooner than I
ought to! I had to chuckle a little bit for a couple of reasons. Firstly, everything happens in God’s time. Our birth, our death, the
significant events in our lives all happen in His good time and for His glory. Secondly, if we listen (it took me a long time to learn
this one!) we find out what God wants of us, the job that he has designed us to do. For instance, God has made it very clear to me   that I have a lot of evangelism to do, service to complete, songs to write, and work to do before He calls me home.

So how do we balance that desire to be with Jesus for eternity and the work that we have to do in this terribly imperfect world? I   can’t help but think of something my earthly father told me many times, and something that I find myself saying to my kids even
today. “Son, the sooner you get your chores done, the sooner you can go be with your friends”.

Let’s all resolve ourselves to work diligently, to complete the tasks that He has set before us, so that when Christ does return, or
our time here is finally through,  we can all be together. And we can finally get to see Him smile.

Abba, we long to be with You. We praise You and than You for Your Holy Spirit that lives in us. We thank You for the promise of
heaven. The promise of eternity with You. Help us to complete the tasks You have set before us so that we might see You smile and hear you say, “Well done.” In Jesus name. Amen.

Work To Do
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